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The uniformity of spun yarn has always been an important quality control parameter as it affects the commercial value of the yarn. Defects such as thick places, thin places, neps, hairiness and yarn appearance contribute to the overall yarn uniformity and altogether they define the character of the end product.

The CTT Yarn Analysis test offers very quick, precise yarn uniformity analysis based on the yarn diameter measurements. A CCD camera is used to measure the diameter values with 3.25micron precision as the yarn is moving under constant tension at test speeds up to 360m/min.

The unique camera design also provides the ability to test different types of synthetic yarns, including the high performance yarns such as carbon, glass or hybrid yarns that cannot be tested with the capacitive based systems.

Lawson Hemphill Yarn Analysis Software, YAS measures the yarn diameter and classifies the yarn defects such as thick places thin places neps and slubs by their diameter and length. The program provides the best simulated yarn appearance board in the market. The flexibility included in the YAS software allows the operator to change board length and yarn fault descriptions without retesting the yarn. This allows the user to evaluate the same yarn at different loom widths to see if any periodicity develops. Diameter data can also be exported to a fabric simulation software for further analysis.

Yarn Types

Spun yarns (blend or 100%) , air textured yarns


Depth: 47 in. (119cm)
Height: 55 in. (140cm)
Width: 63 in. (160cm)
Weight: 760 lbs (345kg)


Power: 110/220 VAC - 50/60 Hz


Catalog Number: LH-410 CTT-YAHT

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