Brightness & Color Meter


The Brightness & Color Meter makes measurement of brightness, color and opacity affordable in Production and QC applications. The Brightness & Color Meter measures color, color purity, degree of yellowness, degree of whiteness, color matching and color fastness.


Paper, Pulp, Packaging, Nonwovens, Textiles, Ceramics


  • CIE 1931 (2 degrees)
  • CIE 1964 (10 degrees)
  • ISO 2469, 2470, 2471
  • ISO 5631.1
  • ISO 9416
  • Tristimulus values: <1.00
  • Chromaticity coordinates: <0.0100
  • Xenon lamp provides diffused illumination in 30mm window in 150mm dia integrating spher


  • Built-in Printer


  • Large alpha-numeric display
  • Single-button simplicity of operation
  • RS-232 data output
  • Stores up to 99 readings; auto-calculates mean value


  Depth:   584 mm (23 in.)
  Height:   483 mm (19 in.)
  Width:   279 mm (11 in.)
  Weight   32 kg (70 lb)


Electrical: Specify voltage requirements when ordering


Catalog Number 68-50

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