Electronic Twist Tester (ETT)

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Determining optimum twist can have a critical effect on the physical characteristics of yarns. Yarns with a low twist count are capable or producing a yarn with increased softness for knitting and warmth. Increasing twist count can provide additional tensile strength. However, maximum tensile strength can decrease if the twist angle is greater than the desired amount.

The model ETT Electronic Twist Tester by Brustio meets applicable International Standards for measuring both the untwist/retwist method and yarn twist method by direct rotational counting. ETT instrument software allows the selection of both twist methods, in addition the software reports sample statistics including average, standard deviation, maximum and minimum. Result data can also be printed or sent to a PC.

The ETT Electronic Twist Tester is a motorized unit consisting of two clamps. One clamp is adjustable for varying sample length before and during a test and a second clamp is rotated in either direction to measure counts.


  • Clamp distance is variable from 1 to 50 centimeters.
  • Elongation indicator up to 100 mm with accuracy of 1 mm.
  • Electronic counter with 4 displays.
  • Pre-determined shutoff setting at end of test.


  • ASTM D 1422 : Standard Test Method for Twist in Yarns by Direct-Counting
  • ASTM D 1423 : Method for twist in single spun yarns by the untwist-retwist method
  • BS 2085 : Method of test for determination of twist in yarns, direct counting method
  • DIN 53832/1 : Testing of textiles; determination of the twist of single and plied yarns and of the change of length. untwist method
  • IWTO 25-70/E
  • UNI EN ISO 2061 : Textiles -- Determination of Twist in yarns -- Direct counting method
  • ISO 2061 : Textiles -- Determination of Twist in yarns-- Direct counting method


Depth: 10 in. (25cm)
Height: 8 in. (20cm)
Width: 42 in. (106cm)
Weight: 42 lbs (19kg)


Power: 115/220 VAC - 50/60 Hz


Catalog Number: LH-703 Electronic Twist Tester

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Product Brochure:

Available in PDF format. Electronic Twist Tester

Spare Parts:

-TPESI/ 50 100 150g additional pre-tension weights
-LENTEB4003 Magnification lens 3x
-BELTCARTA Paper for printer
-BELTNAST/ Tape for printer

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