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Automatic Package Changer

The LH-170 APC is a brand new, fully automatic package changer by Lawson-Hemphill.  It is developed to meet the needs of the textile industry to increase testing efficiency while saving operational costs.

The APC features a unique concept to introduce a Control /Reference Yarn into the testing sequence in order to make comparison of the yarns much easier, especially for knit-dye-grade applications.  In Manual Operation Mode, the reference yarn can be inserted on demand.  In Auto Mode, this is made much easier by letting the APC do the work of introducing the Reference Yarn at pre-selectable intervals.  The permitted intervals are 1, 2 and 3, which means reference yarn will be in the system after every yarn, after every two yarns or three yarns respectively.

The APC in the Auto mode can make up to 24 yarn package changes. After the last yarn has been fed to the host machine, the APC introduces the waste package while the yarn magazine retracts back to the home position to facilitate loading of the next set of yarns by the operator.


Fully Automatic Package Changer with Auto/Manual Reference Yarn Insert for continuous testing of 24 yarn packages

Reference Yarn selectable after 1, 2  or 3 samples

Linear Feed System with Splicer operation

Quick Splice action, 1-2 seconds per  package change

Manual or Auto Mode Operation

Selectable Test Length for each package

Yarn Storage to allow host machine to run continuously during package change