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Lawson Hemphill Inc. Machines and Instruments to Test and Measure Fabrics and Yarns
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LH-604 DFM

Digital Friction Meter

The LH-604 Lawson Hemphill’s Digital Friction Meter is a reliable and economical method for computing yarn coefficient of fricton (μ). Windows XP® software has been added which allows the DFM readout to be connected directly to your personal computer or lap top with a complete statistical package. Readout data includes coefficient of friction (μ), COF averages with standard deviation statistics, limits for high and low and one-button transfer of results to Excel or CSV file. Also graph and histogram are provided.

Variations in stitch length relate directly to changes in the coefficients of friction of the yarns being run. High coefficients are now recognized as causing yarn breakage, excessive consumption of yarn and inferior quality. Management can save many dollars and maintain quality standards by reducing stitch length variations by controlling draw tensions.

The LH Digital Friction Meter adds another dimension of versatility to the measurement of yarn friction. In addition to being able to be stand-mounted for quality control functions and laboratory use. It is direct reading, easy to use, accurate and reasonably priced. It has been engineered to be as rugged and versatile as possiblw without sacrificing precision and sensitivity. With proper care, this instrument should remain accurate for many years.

Ability to delete undesirable tests.

Ability to arrange only rejected packages results.

Graph and histogram adjustable scale or automatic mode.

Ability to pre-select length of yarn to run before the test starts,in order to get equilibrium to the new package.

One-step zero calibration.

Printout of test results.

Ability to give alphanumeric identification number to each package tested.

Work with laptop or desktop.

USB connection to computer.