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Product Name
Item Number
Test Property or Function
Product Abbreviation
ASTM Spun Yarn Appearance Standards LH-730    
Burst Tester - Pneumatic LH-13-12 burst  
Circle Cutter (Fabric) LH-710 sample cutter
Constant Tension Transport LH-401   CTT
Constant Tension Transport (Elastomeric Yarn) LH-450 Abrasion CTT - E
CTT - Dynamic Elongation/Tenacity Tester LH-406   CTT - DET
CTT - Dynamic Shrinkage Tester LH-407   CTT - DST
CTT - Dynamic Tensile Tester LH-402   CTT - DTT
CTT - Entanglement Tester LH-408   CTT - ACE
CTT - Lint Generation Tester LH-405   CTT - LGT
CTT - Pin Friction Tester LH-402   CTT - DTT
CTT - Spun Yarn and Hairiness Tester LH-410   CTT - YAHT
CTT - Yarn Abrasion Tester LH-403 Abrasion CTT - YAT
CTT - Yarn Friction Tester LH-402   CTT - DTT
Crockmeter LH-711    
Digital Friciton Meter LH-604   DFM
Draw Force Test- Integrated Knitting LH-123A   HDK-DFT
Dynamic Modulus Tester LH-551 / LH-552   DMT
Elastomeric Yarn Laboratory Knitter LH-125   FAK - SE
Elastomeric Yarn Feeder LH-455   EYF
Electronic Inspection Board - Entanglement Tester LH-482   EIB - ACE
Electronic Inspection Board - Spun Yarn and Hairiness Tester LH-483   EIB - Spun
Electronic Inspection Board - Yarn Analysis System LH-481   EIB - YAS
Entanglement Test Software (ACE) LH-408S   ACE
Fabric Sample Cutter LH-710   22-42
Fiber Analysis Knitter Sampler LH-122   FAK - S
Fiber Analysis Knitter Sampler with Automatic Package Changer LH-122A   FAK - SAK
Fiber Analysis Knitter Sampler with Stand Alone Feeder LH-122B   FAK - SAF
Fiber Shrinkage Tester LH-650   FST
Hot Draw Knitter LH-123   HDK
Knot Detector LH-310   KD1
Lab Creel & Pretension Frame LH-300 / LH-301   LC&PF
Laboratory Inspection Boards LH-124   BDS-W
Laboratory Package Holder LH-714    
Micrometer Dial LH-49-37, LH49-38    
Micrometer - Hand LH-49-08    
Portable Cloth Balance LH-709    
Quadrant Yarn Balance LH-708    
Sample Automatic Knotter LH-132 knotter/splicer SAK
Sample Automatic Splicer LH-133A knotter/splicer SAK - E
Skein Reel - Manual LH-704    
Skein Reel - Motorized LH-705    
Sliver Wheel - Motorized LH-707    
Stand Alone Feeder LH-140   SAF
Taper Board LH-701   Taper Board
Tension Meter LH-601   Tension Star
Tension Meter Calibration Device LH-607   TCD
Textured Yarn Tester LH-131   TYT
Twist Tester - Electronic LH-703   TTE
Twist Tester - Manual LH-702   TTM
Wrap Reel for Yarn LH-704, LH-705  
Yarn Abrasion Tester LH-403   CTT-YAT
Yarn Analysis System LH-481, LH-410   EIB- S
Yarn Analysis Software LH-485S   YAS
Yarn Appearance and Hairiness Tester LH-410   YAS /
Yarn Appearance and Hairiness Tester Software LH-485S   YAS
Yarn Feeder LH-142   SAF
Yarn Friction Meter LH-603   YFM
Yarn Friction Meter w/ Stand LH-603A   YFM w/Stand
Yarn Friciton Meter - Digital LH-604   DFM
Yarn Tensionmeter - Mechanical LH-605   YTM
Yarn Meterhead LH-606   YMH

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