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Constant Tension Transport with Electronic Servo Drive (CTT-E) is a dynamic test instrument that is available as a mini laboratory for yarns. With its interchangeable test modules, the CTT-E can run more than 10 tests on the same instrument for all natural and synthetic yarns as well as technical yarns such as aramids, carbon, glassfiber and spandex. With this versatility along with its dynamic test principle that will test every section of the yarn, the CTT-E offers the ability to eliminate high cost of running trials on actual production machines before the yarn is sent to the next textile process.


LH-450 CTT-E
  • Electronic Servo Drive and Tension Arm System that maintain 2g-1000g constant input tension at test speeds between 20-1000m/min

  • Offers dynamic test conditions that tests every section of yarn to predict yarn behavior and avoid high cost of running trials on production machines

  • Easy to install test modules that allow measurement from coefficient of friction, entanglement count to yarn appearance on the same instrument

  • Four Tension Arms with different max tension and sensitivity ranges

  • Available with Standard (1000g) and Spandex Range (100g) tension measurement heads

  • Applicable for all types of natural and synthetic yarns, including cotton, polyester, nylon, wool, silk, acrylic, flax, viscose, carpet yarns

  • Functional tests for technical yarns such as aramids, carbon, spandex, glassfiber and monofilament



ctte lh450-ctt-3 1024c.png

Elastomeric yarn has high stretch and recovery properties, which are affected by tension on the yarn during fabric production and yarn covering.

Lawson Hemphill Constant Tension Transport for Elastomeric Yarns, CTT-E is a dynamic quality control test instrument, specifically designed for the elastomeric yarn market in mind.


Conventional static tensile testers can only measure small test lengths at slower test speeds. This does not reflect the process conditions that the elastomeric yarns will be facing. The CTT-E provides a dynamic test platform to measure the yarn properties and performance factors such as Draw Ratio, Elongation %, Unwinding Tension, Hot Air Shrinkage as the yarn is moving at test speeds from 10m/min up to 500m/min.


This speed range along with the sensitive tension heads provides true information regarding yarn behavior during fabric formation, air or mechanical covering and comfort level of the end product.


The CTT-E can be equipped with optional Elastomeric Yarn Feeder to measure the Unwinding tension under conditions that are very close to zero draft.

  • Input Tension Control

  • Output Tension Measurement & Optical Yarn Break Detector

  • Electronic Drives (10-1000 m/min)

  • Positive Yarn Feeder (EYF LH 455) Optional

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