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saf lh140-saf 400-400c.png

The Stand Alone Feeder, SAF is designed as a low cost Semi-Automatic Package Changer. It is a continuous yarn feed option available for use with Lawson-Hemphill instruments or any laboratory machine. This affordable add-on greatly increases laboratory efficiency by reducing operator time during sample preparation.

The SAF allows the operator to tie the yarns without stopping the lab machine. The Feeder can also be equipped with an optional Air Splicer. The SAF increases efficiency of any Knitting or Host machine by allowing the change of a yarn package without stopping the host machine. The end result is higher yarn package throughput and increased efficiency of the host machine.

The SAF is specifically designed with the ease-of-use and durability in mind. It has a yarn reservoir filled with the yarn so that the test instrument never stops. The SAF base houses the Control Panel and the Indicator Lamp to alert the operator to tie in the next yarn sample when the test length is reached. The test length can be entered from 25m up to 999km.


LH-140 SAF



LH-132, LH-133 SAK

In today’s modern textile mills, where quality and cost cutting are most important, there is a great need for high volume testing. Many of today’s testing instruments do not have an automatic yarn changer, requiring an operator, which is very costly. Lawson Hemphill offers you a solution with the new Air SAK (Sample Automatic Changer).

The new SAK allows the operator to service and operate more than one machine simultaneously, saving operator costs and reducing down time of testing instruments. For example, with the 48-position rotary magazine one can preload up to 36 ends at one time. If the test duration per sample is one minute, the SAK will run continuously for 36 minutes before the operator will have to supply more yarn. The SAK provides start and stop signals to a host instrument.

The mechanics of the system include a modern programmable controller used in conjunction with pneumatic cylinders to execute the knotter and rotary magazine with rapier. This provides dependable operation with little maintenance.

sak lh132-sak 400-400c.png
  • Sequentially and automatically knot preset sample lengths of yarn into a continuous thread line to automate testing equipment such as lab knitting machines, entanglement tester, shrinkage tester and others.

  • Knotted yarn samples may be produced up to 500 meters per minute.

  • Run your test by loading the SAK directly from a creel. Yarn packages to be sampled can be fed with a variety of creel systems to suit customer’s requirements.

  • Substantial labor savings. Allows one operator to operate more than one testing equipment.

  • New SAK-HD for high denier (up to 3800)




LH-455 EYF

Lawson Hemphill Elastomeric Yarn Feeder, EYF is developed as positive yarn feeding device for the CTT-E instrument when testing elastomeric yarns for unwinding tension, elongation, draw ratio or pin friction.

The EYF is compact in size and it can be placed on the side or top of the CTT-E depending on testing needs.  It can accommodate most standard elastomeric yarn packages.

eyf lh 455-eyf lh455 400c.png
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